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Thursday, January 10, 2008

30. ANALYZED Common Errors in English

Oops, I think I do still "LOTS" of mistakes, but I´m an ESL-Student and...,..and nonetheless, I think that´s just a good way to learn from other people´s typical grammar mistakes.

Recognize YOUR mistakes:

Common Grammatical Errors

Accurately described incorrect/correct sample sentences
Accurately described incorrect/correct sample sentences

Common Errors In English Usage
Compared definitions based on error-prone word pairs
With search engine
Scroll down on this page !

University of Kentucky
Prof. Robert Tannenbaum´s very useful hints

Hit Parade of Errors, University of Toronto

Oxford´s Classic Errors

Jack Lynch´s Grammar and Style Notes

English Language Institute

Karen´s Linguistics Issues

J. Hodges

Language Error Analysis (interactive)
Click on Student Writing 1 - 7

List of commonly misused English language phrases
Accurately described incorrect/correct sample sentences

Garbl´s Editorial Style Manual

More ?, Go to the GRAMMAR section.

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29. Grammar (Who needs more ?)

Complete English Grammar - You don´t need more

Capital Community
College Foundation

(Nonprofit Organisation)

Grammar Index:

The Tongue Untied !

Hyper Grammar
University of Ottawa

Guide To Grammar And Style
Rutgers, State University of New Jersey
Grammar Index

Online Writing Lab
Grammar Index

Online Englisch Grammar

A Friendly Grammar of Englisch

Finnish Virtual University

Literacy Education Online

Grammar Monster


The American Heritage® Book of English Usage

The Internet Grammar of English

Big Dog´s Grammar

English at home

ESL Introduction

ESL BEE (Writing)

Michael Harvey´s
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing

28. Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs are verbs + particle (adverb or "preposition") with idiomatic expression.

Prepositions: see LINK

Introduction about separable and inseparable

phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions
continue on the bottom

Another Introduction about separable and inseparable
phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions
continue on the bottom

Verb and Preposition "Dictionary"
Preposition and Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb VIDEO Dictionary (weird)

A lot of Phrasals

"Phrasalverbdemon" phrasalverbs

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27. Idioms [+ Proverbs)

English Idioms And Quizzes

Wordpower A - Z Category

Learn English Today

The Free Dictionary, use the browse feature
(scroll down)

Using English

Idioms with pictures

Anna says:
Idioms and Phrasals are just a good way to learn a foreign LANGUAGE. There are certain differences between Idioms and Phrasal verbs. It´s easy to understand: Idioms are expressions which have a meaning that´s not (so) obvious from the individual words (of the "idiomatic expression" - THE "Idiom"). The single words have combined their "own" meaning. Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of a verb and a particle (Prepositions, Adverbs), and they are partly separable and are following the tense patterns. What´s the best way to learn idioms ?. Use the given context and give the literal meaning of the single words as compound a new figurative context-related meaning, a new connotation. But take care, if you don´t know the literal (or even additional figurative) meanings of the single words which "merged to the idiom", then you´re in trouble as ESL-Student. You´d be screwed because there´s always an at least slight connection between the denotation of the single words and the connotation of the idiom. If you´re learning some new Idiom, and you see new words do some lookups and learn ALL the literal and figurative meanings of the single words too. BTW, Idioms are not that bad, they are "just Units" with own meaning and most of the idioms are fixed in their form.

26. ESL Podcasts + Academic Podcasts

Aj Hodge´s Effortless English Club
With free transcripts
Or enter his site via:

EnglishPOD - 4 ESL Levels (Good Job !)
(Huge archive, tagged topics)

Directory of Colleges and Universities
with Itunes sites:

25. Some Dictionaries With Specific Topics Synonyms Britspeak AE-BE|BE-AE "All your base are belong to us" Phonetics Wordinfo Etymology Interesting browsing-features Pronunciation Dictionary

You think you know "a certain word", or you´ve heard one somewhere but you have no idea about the rihgt spelling ?, that´s why you can´t find any entries in dictionaries ?, Go there, do the spell check with your similar misspelled word and find so "your" correct spelled word:
(Great Performance)

If you want to find some special slang expression or such idioms go to Google and do some lookups there. Maybe you have to disable SafeSearch. You could search for urbandictionary for example, or just double-click on: urbandictionary

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