Tuesday, January 1, 2008

11. For AMBITIOUS ESL-Students (2)

Tip for ambitious ESL-Students who are looking for collocations or concordances to improve their "English" or to do some lookups by using a text related context.


For each word, the most significant words appearing
  1. as immediate left neighbor
  2. as immediate right neighbor
  3. anywhere within the same sentence
are given.

There is also a free download version (mSQL) http://corpora.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/download.html

Do some lookups at The Collins Wordbanks Online English corpus. It is composed of 56 million words of contemporary written and spoken text. Check up some word, idiom or phrasal verb in rhetorical contexts. Notice the settings !. Take your time.


BNC British National Corpus (100 million words)
BNC Information about multiple word queries:

Webster (1913)
Notice the query syntax

Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English
Site is sometimes temporarily shut down