Friday, January 4, 2008

24. Un/Countable Nouns + More about it

Some common uncountable nouns and some nouns that can be either countable or uncountable:


ADJECTIVES with un/countable nouns

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Some Common Uncountable Nouns:

accuracy darkness fun inferiority admiration economics furniture information advice efficiency garbage integration aggression electricity generosity intelligence air enjoyment gravity irritability assistance entertainment happiness isolation behavior estimation health junk boredom equipment heat justice bravery evidence help knowledge chemistry evolution homework laughter clothing excitement honesty leisure comprehension fame ignorance literature courage foolishness immigration luck luggage peace recreation stuff machinery permission relaxation superiority mail physics reliability survival math poetry research tolerance merchandise pollution sadness traffic money poverty safety transportation music pride scenery trouble news productivity shopping violence nonsense progress significance water oxygen propaganda slang wealth participation psychology snow weather pay rain status wisdom

Some Nouns that can be either Countable
or Uncountable :

abuse drama jail reading adulthood duck jealousy religion afternoon education language revision age environment law rock anger evening liberty science appearance exercise life school art fact love shock beauty faith lunch society beer fear man sorrow belief fiction marriage space breakfast film meat speech cheese fish metal spirit chicken flavor milk stone childhood food morning strength cloth freedom murder surprise college friendship nature teaching commitment fruit paper temptation competition glass passion theater concern government people theory crime hair personality time culture hatred philosophy tradition death history pleasure trouble desire home power truth dinner hope prejudice turkey disappointment ideology pressure understanding discrimination imagination prison weakness disease injustice punishment wine divorce innocence race writing