Thursday, December 27, 2007

5. My favorite ESL Podcast Providers vs. and

I don´t know which is better for YOU. I like and I recommend both of them. is run by the Center for Educational Development hosted by Dr. Jeff McQuillan, California. Podcasts and rudimentary transcripts are for free. If you want to get additional useful explanations about the topics and background information you have to subscribe for at least $10,00 per month.
The reading rate is slowed (70 %) and the topics are tagged in practical categories. The Podcasts are based on fictitious conversations between two people followed by retrospective explanations about the whole topic, phrases, idioms, certain words and typical language usage.
Some people don´t like the torpid affected language and I have to admit they have a point there.Those people prefer another podcast category: English Cafe with more natural language without conversation context.

Free Podcasts:

I really do like their podcasts beside the learning purpose. There are a lot of very interesting stories about - daily life, journeys, relationships, etc. You´ll find several grammar categories, interesting discussions and all that is spoken in natural language. Steve, Mark and Jill are from Vancouver, CA. There is also the site LINGQ.COM with 5 free transcripts and additional learning tools. If you want to get more transcripts you have to subscribe for at least $10,00 per month.

Free Podcasts:

Limited free stuff: